73. My motivation for starting this site.

My interest in this complex story started when I began following Michael Smith’s blog right from the beginning. The thing that kept me hooked as the documents were presented was why would someone bash Bob K nearly to death to stop him talking? Why would a prime minister of Australia attempt to shut down all reporting on this story if there was nothing in it? Why would Michael Smith walk away from his job as a radio announcer to investigate Bob K’s story?

The bloggers who followed Michael through this journey became convinced that crimes had been committed. These people include lawyers, accountants, real estate professionals, ex police, bank officials, archivists, health professionals…the list goes on. They all want to know the truth.

But the mainstream media with the exception of a few such as Hedley Thomas and Mark Baker have hardly touched the story. The reason why is another question I ask myself.

In January 2013, I decided to start this page to try and make the complexities a bit easier to understand for people who have not really been informed. It is not a full description of what is known. And I thank Michael Smith for allowing me to share his documents with you. 

This is now a major fraud squad investigation, and the next few months will be fascinating. If I was you, I’d stay tuned to Michael Smith News.

For my part, I am an ordinary woman and mother who didn’t even have a facebook page until January 2013. But I got cranky, because I really want to know who bashed up our friend Bob Kernohan.

I don’t like violent sociopaths, you see.

72. Another adjournment.

Back in Court in Victoria on 03 February 2014, Bruce Wilson’s lawyers successfully sought yet another adjournment until June 2014, to appeal the legal privilege issue.

In the meantime however, a Royal Commission into Unions had been announced, and The Hon Mr John Dyson Heydon AC QC appointed to lead it. With a broad scope, and the ability to overcome the issue of legal privilege, many looked forward to it’s start date in April.


71. Michael Smith broadcasts Bob Kernohan (radio2gb)

On Tuesday the 7th of January 2014, Michael Smith, now again back on the airwaves, this time with 2 GB radio was finally able to do what a corrupt former prime minister had desperately tried to prevent for years. He broadcast his interview with Bob Kernohan. This time there were no threats from on high, and countless thousands of people, many longtime supporters and many only listening for the first time heard what should have been broadcast years before. The effect of years of research showed in the detailed understanding of the fraud demonstrated by Michael and Bob, making for outstanding radio and investigative journalism. You can find the link for the podcast here, and following that a link to the transcript of the interview (thanks newbposter!).



70. The Court rules on the documents

Following the election, which the Labor Government lost, Wilson’s lawyers went to the Melbourne Magistrates Court on several occasions often ill prepared and seeking delays. Finally the Chief Magistrate handed down his finding, after reading the seized documents and affidavits provided by the Victorian Fraud Squad.

 ”VICTORIA’S most senior magistrate has found reasonable grounds to conclude that Julia Gillard’s former boyfriend was involved in a fraud, negating his right to claim privilege over documents held at her old law firm.”

He ruled that the Fraud Squad could have access to the documents, as there was strong evidence they were created in the furtherance of a fraud. A fraud involving the former solicitor Julia Gillard.


However, Wilson’s lawyers immediately sought an appeal in the Supreme Court, due to be heard on the 2nd of February 2014.

69. Slater and Gordon go to the Supreme Court

Julia Gillard disappeared immediately from the political radar following her defeat, and Kevin Rudd began his ultimately unsuccessful bid for re-election. Many in the ALP welcomed the silence of Ms Gillard as dignified, but some commented that the upcoming court cases would not be a good look for the Party and the AWU. Slater and Gordon fought the Fraud Squad for retention of 8 documents ruled to be privileged, a move which delayed the hearings somewhat. However, on the Monday 02/09/2013 The Victorian Fraud Squad were back in the Melbourne Magistrates Court seeking the remaining documents, embarrassing timing considering the Federal Election date of 09/09/2013. Bruce Wilson’s new barrister sort and obtained a delay of the hearings until October 15.

There was little reporting of this event to the electorate by the main stream media.


68. Julia Gillard resigns as PM

Parliament and government were chaotic, internal polling abysmal, and the last weeks marked by infighting and a desire by many in the ALP to bring back Kevin Rudd to “save the furniture” from certain defeat. Suddenly, on the second last night of Parliament, Thursday 27th June 2013 following a hastily convened ballot, Bill Shorten switched camps, and Gillard was ousted as PM.


67. Slater and Gordon Search Warrant

The Victorian Fraud Squad by mid May were well advanced in their enquiries. However, certain evidence relating to movements of AWU WRA slush fund monies through the Slater and Gordon Trust Fund account, the whereabouts of Julia Gillard on the day the Blewitt POA was purported to have been made, and the subsequent disposal of the Fitzroy property was still being sort. The Fraud Squad were keeping things close to their chest, but Hedley Thomas reported in June 2013 that the offices had been raided and evidence seized. The mainstream media hardly touched the story, even though the Prime Minister had indicated an election would be held in September. Michael Smith reported to his blog:


66. AWU Affair investigation press queries 2013

Michael Smith had been the only journalist with the courage to pursue Julia Gillard in relation to her involvement in the AWU Fraud, and he had left his job in radio because he refused to abandon Bob Kernohan in his quest for justice. For this he had been defamed by Gillard in parliament, and he had initiated the complaint about the alleged false power of Attorney that kicked off the Victorian Fraud Squad investigation. The police began methodically interviewing witnesses, but the main stream press steered clear of asking the PM any questions, in the midst of chaotic government, rumoured leadership spills, ballooning debt and deteriorating polls

Then, in March 2013, Ben Fordham recorded this radio interview with a clearly rattled Gillard. It was so important that the Victorian Fraud Squad subsequently sort it as evidence in the enquiries.


65. An election date, an arrest, and a resignation..

The Victorian Fraud Squad had commenced investigations into the AWU scandal when Prime Minister Julia Gillard in January 2013  nominated September 14 as the date she planned on holding the Federal Election, an unprecedented early call that baffled commentators, although disgraced MP Craig Thomsen, still voting with her government, had also been under investigation, and soon faced arrest. Then, soon after, unexpectedly, one Friday night Nicola Roxon indicated she would resign as Attorney-General, and a tearful press conference was held the next day 02/02/2013 with the Prime Minister to the bemusement of the nation. Some with an understanding of the AWU fraud investigation wondered if there was more behind this event.


64. Rotten to the CORE rally 2013 Canberra

Thanks to Michael Smith and his collaboration with Bob Kernohan, a police investigation into the AWU Frauds involving Wilson and Gillard commenced in early 2013. Here is a video of the Rotten to the core rally, with Bob K speaking. It was after Nicola Roxon mysteriously stepped down as Attorney General. And it presaged the inexorable decline of the legitimacy of the Gillard government….there was more pain to come.